Two James Doctor Bird Rum
Because of our belief in the importance of local agriculture and the fact that sugar cane isn’t readily available in Michigan, we decided to take our Rum project to the Caribbean, and the “Land of Wood and Water”. We import...
Two James Grass Widow
Grass Widow Bourbon contains a unique high rye mash bill of 36% Rye, 60% Corn and 4% Barley. This delicious bourbon possesses intriguing levels of spice and complexity. The hazelnut and dried raisin notes are results of our proprietary Madeira...
Two James Johnny Smoking Gun
Johnny Smoking Gun is a story of East–Meets-West. This is a whiskey crafted specifically to compliment the “umami” of the rich pork and fish broths of Japanese cuisine. Possessing intriguing smoke character from a two-stage maceration with a proprietary blend...
Two James J. Riddle Bourbon
Two James Spirits is proud to announce the release of our newest spirit, J. Riddle Peated Bourbon. This unique spirit pairs the sweet robust flavor of corn bourbon with the elegant smokiness of single malt whiskey. The mash bill possesses...
Two James 28 Island
28 Island Vodka is carefully crafted from a blend of 70% corn and 30% organic winter wheat and distilled with the finest American-made copper pot still. The result is a remarkably smooth, balanced spirit with a hint of sweetness that...
Two James Gail Force Citrus Gin
Paying tribute to a woman who lived her life with grace, kindness and an appetite to make the most out of every day. Gail Force is an elegant, lively gin that consists of natural citrus flavors meant to be shared...
Two James Catcher's Rye
Distilled from 100% Michigan rye and pure water from the Great Lakes, Catcher’s Rye is a testament to the grain’s distinctive terroir. Each drop is artfully produced and aged for a minimum of two years in traditional, charred new American...
Two James Old Cockney
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Two James Old Cockney Brrl Rsv
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Two James catchers rye aged 6 years
Our award winning Catcher’s Rye Whiskey 100% Michigan Rye mash bill aged 6 years in 53 gallon New American Oak barrels.  
Two James Nain Rouge
We are excited to bring the Green Fairy to Detroit and the Great Lakes Region with the release of our Nain Rouge Absinthe Verte. Starting with a traditional 19th century French recipe we distill Wormwood, Fennel, Green Anise, and over...
Two James Grass Widow 10 year’s anniversary
Two James distillery 10 year anniversary 
Two James Rye Dog
We welcome you to taste our first expression of field-to-bottle whiskey. This Double Gold winner (2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition), un-aged, Michigan rye possesses character beyond its years. Distilled from 100% locally grown rye grain from Wing Farms in...