Two James Doctor Bird Rum
Because of our belief in the importance of local agriculture and the fact that sugar cane isn’t readily available in Michigan, we decided to take our Rum project to the Caribbean, and the “Land of Wood and Water”. We import...
Bounty Spiced Rum
Typhoon Spiced Rum V.S.O.P.
Caribbean Rum with Spice and natural flavours. Bottled by World Wide Distillers Co.
from $6.49
Mackinac Island Spiced Rum
Mackinac Island Spiced Rum
Capt Morg Spc W/Sunglasses
Capt Morg Spc W/Sunglasses
Calypso Spiced Rum PL
Calypso Spiced Rum features a mixture of vanilla and spice that dominate the nose and follow through on a brisk entry to a buttery vanilla finish with slight hints of oak. It is inspired by the story of Calypso, the...
from $0.79
Bayou Rum Spiced
Infused with a complex yet delicate spice blend inspired by the Creole baking traditions Louisiana is famous for. Bayou Rum is rested for up to 30 days with a special blend of creole baking spices, which imparts both flavor and...
Afrohead Dark Rum
Born in the West Indies, this silky smooth spirit vibrates with notes of toasty oak and a hint of honey. Its estery and creamy taste deliver hints of molasses and Bourbon wood accents with a ghost of vanilla for a...
from $32.36
Don Papa Rum-7 Yr
Equiano Rum
Equiano Light Rum
Equiano is a multi-award winning rum company; a collaboration between two unique distilleries on two different continents, marrying the best from both the Eastern and Western hemispheres, to bring something entirely new to a centuries old craft. Refreshingly unique, Equiano Light...
Plantation Sc Panama 2008
Following the colorful creatures of the «Birds of Paradise» collection, take a deep dive to meet the marine animals native to the great terroirs of rum. The second series of the Plantation Rum Vintage Collection, «Under the Sea» brings together...
Plantation Rum Barbados 2013
For more than 30 years, Plantation Rum Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel has explored the world of rum and its various terroirs in search of the best casks. Passionate about the history, heritage and particular production methods of each rum-producing country,...