Papa's Pilar Dark Rum Sherry
The family behind this brand of rum is none other than that of Ernest Hemingway, author, freethinker, adventurer and environmentalist.
Kula Dark Rum
Kula Dark Rum
Bounty Dark Rum
The ideal gift! Buy the best dark rum online. Price and reviews available for Bounty Dark Rum - 1L Bottle. Bounty premium dark rum is lush and chewy from the extra body of the pot still rum. It is popular...
Afrohead Dark Rum
Born in the West Indies, this silky smooth spirit vibrates with notes of toasty oak and a hint of honey. Its estery and creamy taste deliver hints of molasses and Bourbon wood accents with a ghost of vanilla for a...
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Whaler's Original Dark Rum
Whaler's Original Dark Rum
Trader Vics Dark Rum
Trader Vics Dark Rum
Tiki Lovers Dark Rum
TIKI LOVERS Dark Rum is bottled at a hefty English proof. At 57% Vol. it is the perfect marriage between unaged Jamaican pot-still rum from the famous Hampden Estate—Jamaica’s only distillery fully dedicated to heavy pot-still rums—and rum from Barbados, aged...
Tapping House Dark Rum
USA- Distilled using an innovative, yet completely natural, process. Unlike simple filtration, this proprietary process removes a greater amount of harsh tasting minor alcohols and free radicals, yielding top quality rum. Silver medal - 2014 LA Spirits Competition. ABV 40%...
Strike Spirits Dark Rum
This bowling-inspired Dark Rum features notes of spiced rum, plums, and juniper.
Myers's Reserve Dark Rum
Myers's Reserve Dark Rum
Afrohead Xo Prem Dark Rum-15yr
Trinidad and Tobago- Blended to perfection for a complete and complex flavorprofile. It begins creamy and builds to a toffee and caramel taste on the palate. Hints of vanilla and smooth caramel echo in the notes of this bold, sensual...
Papa's Pilar Dark Rum
Papa’s Pilar Dark is an ultra-premium sipping rum, bold and complex much like the man who inspired it – Ernest Hemingway. Made of hand-selected rums blended in Bourbon barrels, Port Wine casks and Sherry casks, this 86 proof award-winning rum...
This vanilla-driven dark rum sings from the nose to the glass exactly. It presents itself with robust flavors of vanilla, dark semi-sweet chocolate and lightly finishes with espresso, all encompassed within a dry, highly flavorful dark rum.
Made from US Virgin Islands sourced sugar cane, this spirit offers a flavorful, smooth, and fruit forward rum - great for any season. Bespoken Dark Rum has a vibrant golden-brown color with aromatic notes of banana, pineapple, mango, coconut, spice,...